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"Amahl and the Night Visitors - Opera by Giancarlo Menotti" This is a story about the 3 wise men on their way to find the newborn King of the Jews. One evening, they stop at a small house on the road, where a widow lives. She is very poor and has a crippled son, Amahl, who loves nature, music and imagination. The wise men stay for the night, but the widow canít help thinking that she wouldnít have to go begging if she could have some of the gold. Upon breaking up to continue their journey, Amahl wants to go with them andÖ Opera Appassionata will be performing this opera in English with orchestral accompaniment.

Oratorio for Recovery Six soloists will take you on a journey through many oratorios by different composers. The texts, fitting both the Lent season and the Fundraiser for Addiction Recovery, deal with pain and suffering but also with hope and freedom. There will be a wide range of styles from a mix of well-known and less well-known oratorios. It is an uplifting evening of music, meditation and inspiration which also serves to help needy people in our community.

Pelléas et Mélisande This opera by Claude Debussy is based on medieval legends, a very symbolistic text by Maeterlinck set to lush impressionistic music. Golaud finds a young girl lost in the woods, decides to marry her and bring her home to King Arkelís castle. Mélisande exhibits somewhat strange behavior which fascinates Pelléas, Golaudís half-brother. Golaud is very suspicious of the liaison between Pelléas and Mélisande, but canít get the information he is looking for from his child, Yniold. Pelléas decides to leave the castle, and meets Mélisande one last time, but Golaud surprizes them and kills Pelléas. Mélisande becomes very sick, and Golaud tries to find out if she really did betray him or not. Opera Appassionata will be performing this masterpiece in the glass tower of the ICORD building as a fundraiser for spinal research. It will be a rare performance of the work in the way it was originally intended by Debussy before he was forced to add music for scene changes during the world premiere.


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