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I just wanted to thank you very much for including me in Opera Appassionata. I found it to be a tremendous learning experience and enjoyed myself immensely. I thought that the concept was wonderful and how you approach the learning process to be amazing. I am so grateful for all of the complimentary coachings and walked away with some very useful tools and a changed perspective on learning music. R. M.

I took my girlfriend and son (aged 17) to see the show on Saturday evening. It was very enjoyable; my son was amazed that the voices could go that high and that loud! It was his first taste of opera. Thank you again. B. S.

The singing is exquisite and of very high quality, as is everything to do with Opera Appasionata. (Yes, I'm a big fan of this group and I try to catch their performances whenever I can.) L. H.

Maybe I was just in the mood to be entertained, but the programming was perfect. The pianists were brilliant: the beautiful music emerged unhindered by any apparent technical effort. The singers delivered satisfaction as well, as every aria was delivered with emotional commitment. It was a treat to hear this seldom-performed repertoire, and so appropriately in a room full of pianos. The one piano that sounded a little strange (temperament? some strings with strange harmonics?) was so well played, that I found myself not noticing that after the first minute. That is the power of live music: imperfections can be overcome by a skilled artist. Gabriel commented afterwards that he enjoyed "all the music", especially when "the two pianos played together", and "the two men sang", and "the one lady sang loudly". That is a little hard to decipher, but when a four year old sits and listens with attention, it must indicate something. Anyway, I was thrilled that he could attend such an educational evening. Thank you, and best wishes. A. S.

Thanks again for the opportunity to be a part of the Appassionata team. I feel that I learned a lot, discovered some things about myself, and received some very good feedback. All in all, an expanding experience. F. K.

Congratulations to you all for an incredible presentation. Everything was brilliant from the cast and orchestra to the setting and the wine! Thank you so much! L. B.

I really believe in what Opera Appassionata does and the way you do it... I thoroughly enjoy being a part of and being musically stretched every time. Thank you. D. W.

I have enjoyed your opera...the music and performers are fantastic. Your choice of locations is always interesting.... C. N.

I was so excited after the workshop! Now I look at memorizing new music as a game. I was surprised at how much I learned. J. D.

My congratulations to the entire ensemble of Amadigi which I enjoyed on Sunday! Handel's opera as well as Opera Appassionata were new to me and I couldn't have been more pleased with my discovery. The soloists were superb and the chorus magnificent. Thank you so much for a truly wonderful afternoon. I look forward to seeing you again. L. I.

I thoroughly enjoyed this evening of opera, a modernized performance of a fine piece in the vernacular, and the opportunity to experience the "bond" that quickly forms between the stage and the house when the latter actually knows what is going on (is this opera?). The slightly dry acoustics combined nicely with all the singer's excellent diction to further strengthen this very desirable phenomenon, and my evening flew by without the usual concern for time. The thoughtfully-paced staging and characterizations; the orchestra supplying varied tempi, dynamics and colors; the dancers who did just the right amount of "business" along with their excellent ballroom; the singers so carefully prepared; these combined so we in the audience forgot ourselves, and somehow became part of the tale. Despite the frivolous aspects of the plot, I found myself worrying just a little about the final outcome of our heroes and heroines, at the same time as I chuckled at their predicaments. Well done all. A. S.

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